Supply Chain


Matflo CMS - delivers complete control and visibility of the home delivery process, specifically designed for high volume operations

Matflo FCMS - management of retail outlet or distribution centre ‘dark store’ that caters for online shopping

Matflo Hub - management of vehicle movements within your operational hub, addressing areas such as, automated gatehouse, quayside management, slot booking and yard management

Matflo WMS - control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse or distribution centre

Matflo TMS - scheduling and subsequent management of truck movements beyond the confines of the warehouse or distribution centre

Matflo In-Store - optimises the utilisation of existing store inventory and labour resource to maximise omni-channel sales and improve the customer experience

Matflo Track - a fully configurable asset tracking tool, to offer accuracy and visibility of progress to all stakeholders

Matflo WCS - coordinates the activities of the various material handling sub-systems within the warehouse or distribution centre

Matflo Health - a set of integrated supply chain solutions for the regulated Life Sciences and Healthcare industries

Matflo C+C - management of the pick-up of an on-line order at a designated end destination

Matflo Life - provides the link between your standard maintenance tools and each physical constituent component

Matflo 360° - global inventory view of your entire supply chain, accessible via secure web portals

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Supply Chain

Matflo WMS

MatfloMatflo WMS offers full gatehouse-to-gatehouse functionality, allowing you to select the complete solution, or only the components that your operation need. It integrates planning, operations, people and equipment to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, labour efficiency and fulfilment accuracy in the warehouse.

Matflo WCS

MatfloCustomers who are committed to a third-party WMS (warehouse management system) can still leverage DAI,  Dematic company's 25+ years' experience of integrating with complex automation equipment.

Our WCS (warehouse control system) systems can be broadly categorised into two groups:

Within the arena of MHE (material handling equipment) integration we are experienced in the complete array of integration. From the simplest automation conveyor driven solution through to a complex fully automated DC (distribution centre) integrating many high bay cranes, with shuttle systems, sortation solutions and an array of picking technologies (Put Stations, Pick to Voice, Pick to Light etc).

Through our component driven build methodology, we can deliver a solution that best fits into your IT architecture.

Matflo FCMS

MatfloMatflo FCMS (Fulfilment Centre Management System) has strong similarities to a classical warehouse management system but has additional features to handle the specific requirements of a dedicated grocery on line fulfilment centre, also sometimes termed ‘dark store’.

The Matflo FCMS solution occupies a niche incorporating functionality derived not only from the warehouse management system, but also from the broader supply chain landscape, all seamless integrated into a single offering. Functionality includes but is not limited to:

Matflo In-Store

MatfloFulfilling online orders from store can provide many benefits to the retailer. Stores can be used to offer same day delivery or click & collect, whereas an additional day’s lead time would usually apply if fulfilled from a central fulfilment centre. It can also act as an overflow during peak promotional events where capacity is breached within the fulfilment centre. In-store fulfilment can enable creative online selling strategies to drive store sales and greater inventory utilisation.

Matflo In-Store enables you to leverage your existing store inventory and labour resources to maximise omni-channel sales and improve the customer experience. Designed for ease of use by today’s retail workforce, Matflo In-Store allows sales associates to fulfil orders from your store inventory and is architected to ensure you meet your customer promise. The solution also provides confirmation when orders have been picked and packed, so inventory levels can be updated and shipment notifications sent internally and externally to the customer.

Matflo C+C

MatfloClick&Collect is becoming more and more important within the omni-channel landscape. It is arguably the most important and significant change in retail behaviour in recent times. By introducing Click&Collect to your online proposition, you are handing your customers control of their purchases and thus offering the best customer service.

Matflo C+C can be used to track and handle your online orders once they have left the e-fulfilment operation, sorting parcels into orders, customer notifications, recording the critical customer handover and handling any returns (to the store or e-fulfilment operation) of any uncollected and/or unwanted orders.

Matflo CMS

MatfloThe Matflo CMS (Carrier Management System) is the most flexible, configurable and performance-oriented CMS on the market. It integrates the eCommerce website, Warehouse Management System and parcel carriers’ systems to give you complete control and visibility of the home delivery process, from the point of customer checkout all the way to delivery.

Uniquely within the market place of carrier management solutions, Matflo CMS has been specifically engineered to meet the rigours of high volume enterprises, giving you assurance that as your business grows, Matflo CMS will continue to perform optimally.

Matflo TMS

MatfloIn the current economy, successful management of transport can have an enormous impact on the profitability and success of your organisation.

Transport Solutions impact both the movements within the confines of the Distribution Centre, and beyond the Distribution Centre. The latter is addressed by Matflo TMS, while the former by Matflo Hub.

Matflo TMS is a highly flexible, configurable and performance oriented product. It integrates into any Warehouse Management System including Matflo WMS, and any third party dynamic scheduling tool, to give you complete control and visibility of your transport requirements, fleet management and workforce requirements.

Matflo Health

MatfloLife Sciences and Healthcare companies operate in a complex world, needing to meet both international and local regulatory requirements. Linked with these demands for regulatory compliance is an absolute need for very high reliability and accuracy, to ensure that all patients receive high quality products when and where they need them. The basic business demands to remain efficient and minimise costs where possible, of course are also critical. Effective use of the right technology, such as Matflo Health, helps achieve these aims, in the delivery of a truly world class supply chain.

Matflo Health, is an enhanced version of core Matflo. It boasts a series of components specifically developed and configured to cover the requirements of regulated industries that need to conform to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

Functionality addressed by Matflo Health include:

Matflo 360˚

MatfloMatflo 360˚ offers total visibility through the provision of components to give you a control tower view of your entire supply chain. This global inventory view also allows optimised decision making concerning order fulfilment determination through delivery to end customer or replenishment to stores, driven by accurate real-time stock levels.

Interfacing into other Matflo components is seamless. When interfacing into third party
solutions or other multimodal transportation hubs, standard integration layers exist
(Matflo Integrator), to simplify and hence speed up the integration process.

In addition Matflo 360° provides configurable information dash boards and reporting that
can then be made available to different users, offering individual user-specific views of
the information, dependent for example on Operational Function, or Seniority.
Information access is also configurable, including via e-mail, SMS or secure internet

Matflo Hub

MatfloThe Matflo Hub is an integrated set of configurable product components that address the management and control of an operational hub.

Matflo Track

MatfloMatflo Track is a fully configurable asset tracking tool, initially designed and engineered to meet the requirements of the Oil & Gas industry. Now proven in that environment, it has been expanded out to meet requirements of the broader construction industry.

It introduces tagging, identification and accuracy that are standard in other industries to the requirements within larger scale construction projects. Through improved data accuracy, and visibility it helps improve efficiency, and hence most importantly reduce costs.

Matflo Life

MatfloMatflo Life is the natural successor for any user of Matflo Track. Matflo Track has successfully delivered complete visibility in the tracking of constituent parts to the complete construction of your particular asset. Now that asset is in use, Matflo Life will utilise and extend that status tracking throughout the operational lifetime of that asset.

Matflo Life provides the link between your standard maintenance tool (eg SAP PM or Maximo) and each physical constituent component of your overall asset.

Typically your maintenance application will identify the asset, as detailed from a technical drawing, while Matflo Life will translate this into the specific ‘real’ item, identifiable through the previously applied scannable bar code or RFID tag. A full history for each specific individual component is retained and extended, from original data within the construction and completion phases, through to the exact date and time of the last audit/check of the item.

We are specialists in our sectors, with an in-depth knowledge of particular technologies, ensuring that you, our customers get the best solutions for your requirements. We always look to deliver solutions based on standard products, be that driven by Matflo, or other market leading third party offerings..


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