Recruitment Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is applicable to all applicants who go through the DAI recruitment process, and explains any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that we collect, the reason for holding it, and the processing that takes place.


DAI takes our responsibility for your PII very seriously, and it is our policy to store it securely and hold the minimum amount necessary in order to process your application, or to fulfil legal or regulatory requirements.



Where we source candidates

DAI sources potential candidates from several sources.


These include both direct applications from candidates via our website or at events such as recruitment fairs, and indirectly from other lawful sources such as job sites, referrals from our staff, and occasionally recruitment agencies.



Types of information collected

The majority of the PII is provided by you when you make an application, including the content of your CV and any covering letter, together with any other supporting information you may have provided. If applicable this will also include details of visas and eligibility to work in the UK. We may also receive additional information from the same sources as we source candidates.



Who the data is shared with

In order to process your application, the DAI HR staff initially review your application. Throughout the application any sensitive information such as salary expectations are restricted to only those staff.


If the application progresses, additional members of DAI staff who work in a relevant area to that you are applying for will review the CV. If we decide to ask you for a telephone or face to face interview, those reviewers may also form part of the interview team.



How long do we store your data

If you make a direct application and do not receive a response within 15 working days then you can assume the application was not successful and we will delete or destroy any information we hold on you at that time.


If we approach you, we will only store PII data once you have responded and provided us with your information. We will reply within 15 working days as to whether or not we wish to take your application further. If we are not going to progress with the application we will delete or destroy your data at that point.


Occasionally we may not have a position for a candidate at present, but may contact you to request your consent to hold your details on file. We would only keep your details for a maximum of 6 months.


Successful candidates

Successful candidates will be made an offer and provided with detailed Terms of Engagement and a copy of the Staff Handbook containing the Employee Privacy Notice. If you accept the offer then your data will become subject to that notice.


If the offer is not taken up we will delete your data at that time.



Where the data is held

The data is held within DAI offices in the UK.



Your rights

This notice provides the right for you to be informed. You also have rights regarding access to the data, rectification, erasure, restricting processing and to object.



Data Protection officer (DPO)

The roles and responsibilities of DPO are provided by the Company Information Manager (CIM).

If you have concerns relating to the data held or how it is processed, you are welcome to contact the CIM via email at




If you still have concerns relating to the data held or how it is processed, having gone through the DPO in the first instance, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) here:

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